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Calculation of Sanitary dues of the commercial vessels are as follows.



Net Ton X 0,90 TL   (for the year 2016)


Vessels arriving from foreign countries pay free vessel sanitary due assessed per each net ton in the first Turkish port they call after free pratique procedure. 


Each vessel coming from foreign countries pays payable free vessel sanitary due amount to the relevant account not later than three working days from the date of entry to first Turkish port following issue of free pratique.



1-  Navy vessels,

2-  Vessels coming for an official visit,

3- Vessels taking refuge at Turkish Ports for compelling reasons like adverse weather conditions, machine failure, accidents and fires and do not perform any commercial operation at the refuge taking Turkish Ports,

4-  Vessels which are less than 50 NT (including vessels which are 50 NT ),

5- Vessels which lose their character of commercial operation for reasons like collision, fire and sinking and are towed. But their conditions shall be proved by documents taken from Turkish Official Authorities.

Such vessels are exempt from any sanitary dues.



(Source: Web Site of Türkiye Hudut ve Sahiller Sağlık Genel Müdürlüğü)

Sanitary Dues


Table of Light Dues for foreign commercial vessels


Type of service fee                                 Up to 800 Net Tonnage/ per NT US Dollar            Over 800 Net Tonnage/per NT  US Dollar

a– Entrance of Çanakkale Strait                                     0,216                                                                 0,108

b – Exit of Çanakkale Strait                                             0,216                                                                 0,108

c –  Entrance of Karadeniz Strait                                    0,216                                                                 0,108

d – Exit of Karadeniz Strait                                              0,216                                                                 0,108

e– Entrance to Ports or Quays                                       0,192                                                                  0,096

f – Exit from Ports or Quays                                           0,192                                                                  0,096




Type of service fee                                                          Per Net Ton /US Dollar

a– Entry to Bosphorus from Black Sea                                      0,108

b – Exit from Bosphorus to Black Sea                                        0,108




The following vessels are held exempted from dues for lighthouses and rescue services 

1.  Foreign flag vessels with a Net Register Tonnage of up to 30 tons (excluding NT of 30 tons) 

2.  Turkish flag vessels with a Net Register Tonnage of up to 100 tons (excluding NT of 100 tons) 

3.  Turkish flag fishing and sponges’ vessels with a NRT of up to 300 tons (excluding NT of 300 tons) 

4.  Battle ships, ships with pennant, as well as scientific research and training (school) ships 

5.  Floating docks, off shore docks, etc. that is not counted as ships 

6.  Vessels towed by such ships operating within the boundaries of a port and being subject to annual fee 

7. Changes of location within the same port for voyage of entry, or entry-exit circumstances within the same port during loading, unloading of those ships, having already paid up port entry dues. 

8. Those ships that have taken refuge or called in at ports and dockyards for such reasons as bearing away to leeward, accident, or breakdown; that have entered into shipyard for any kind of repair – maintenance works; and that have evidenced, in this connection, by virtue of documents to be obtained from relevant official bodies that they would not intend to conduct any commercial activities, will become exempted from port dues only. 

9. Those ships that have lost their non-stopover status due to bearing away to leeward, breakdown, and accident shall be exempted from port dues, but pay a difference rate only. 

10. Dues payable for such vessels with a tonnage exceeding tonnage of exemption shall be calculated on basis of their total net tonnage 

11. Those ships that have to enter into the straits or taken refuge in any ports, due to bad weather conditions, shall be held exempted from the straits and port dues, upon submitting such documents on condition that they obtain necessary permissions from relevant authorities. 



( Source : Web Site of Directory General Coastal Safety) 

Light Dues


Pilotage Tariff


Agency Tariff
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